Arzu Öztürkmen

Ph.D., 1993, University of Pennsylvania

(90) (212) 359 6611

TB 370

Research Interests: 

Performance Studies (National Celebrations, Dance Studies, Verbal Art as Performance, Television Drama), Oral History and History of Emotions (Life story, Memory of Conflict), Folklore Studies, Black Sea Studies, Mediterranean Studies.

Research Projects: 

2023    BAP (Project No. 23B09P1)

“The Landscape of Dance in the Early Republican Era: Sites, Genres and Performers”

2021    BAP (Project No. 21B09D2)

"Migration from the Late Ottoman Empire to the Republic in the Central Black Sea: Remembering Ünye and its Surroundings"

2018    BAP (Project No. 14464)

“Culture of the Television Business Markets: An Exploration of the MIPCOM and MIPTV”


HIST 209: Research Methods in History I

HIST 48D/58C: Readings in Folklore

HIST 303: Oral History

HIST 455/456 History of Performing Arts

HIST 503: Method and Theory in Oral History

HIST 559: Research in the History of Performing Arts

HIST 59Z: 19th Century Cultural Forms

MIR 506: Fundamental Issues in Turkish Politics